Technology Transfer in the NGFN

Ascenion GmbH and Garching Innovation GmbH constitute the “Technology Transfer Coordination Office for the National Genome Research Network” (KTT), with the aim of organizing the transfer of research results from the National Genome Research Network (NGFN) to industry more efficiently. The KTT will be located in Munich.

The activities of the KTT are threefold:

1. Coordination and centralised industry access KTT will coordinate all parties, including industry, involved in technology transfer within the NGFN-2 and provide a centralised industry access to all commercially significant results from the NGFN-2.

2. Support in all aspects of IP asset management At the start of their projects, NGFN-2 grant recipients will make a binding commitment to collaborate with a particular technology transfer agency of their choice. In case that KTT is appointed by a grant recipient, KTT provides comprehensive intellectual property asset management services from scouting to commercial exploitation for the respective NGFN-2 research project.

3. Support for the exploitation process. It is envisaged that support from the KTT is available in individual cases at the request of a technology transfer agency.

This modular concept reflects the complex situation in German technology transfer, with more than 25 different “Patent und Verwertungsagenturen” and several additional technology transfer entities at universities or research centres.

Koordinierungsstelle Technologietransfer im NGFN-2 (KTT)
c/o Ascenion GmbH
Herzogstr. 64, 80803 Munich

Project Manager: Dr. Isabel von Korff
Tel: +49 (0)89-31 88 14 -18, Fax: -20

Project Assistant: Claudia Keller
Tel: +49 (0)89-31 88 14 -21, Fax: -20

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